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Others see limits, we see victories

From Expert Consultation & Design to Professional Installation, we ensure a seamless and high-quality setup that meets both preferences and industry standards

Our commitment extends to Repair & Maintenance, where timely repairs and regular upkeep prolong the lifespan of sport floors. Emphasizing Performance Enhancement, we optimize features to elevate playability across various sports. Additionally, we prioritize Compliance & Safety, adhering to industry standards and integrating safety features into our installations for a secure sporting environment.

Throughout the process, our knowledgeable team is available to provide expert advice, guidance, and recommendations to help clients make informed decisions about their sports flooring needs

Our skilled technicians are trained in the precise installation of different sports flooring materials, including hardwood courts, synthetic turf, rubberized surfaces, multi-purpose courts, and tracks

We provide repair services for damaged sections, resurfacing, refinishing, line repainting, and addressing any structural issues to maintain the integrity of the sports flooring

Our team possesses a deep understanding of safety guidelines, and we consistently implement all necessary precautions to establish and maintain a secure playing surface for athletes of all levels

Applying specialized coatings to improve traction, and shock absorption, and minimize the risk of injuries – offering line painting services to ensure clear and accurate markings for different sports activities

We understand the importance of branding for sports facilities and incorporate custom logos, team colors, and other visual elements into the sports flooring  identity

Our goal is to create floor plans that not only meet but exceed expectations, resulting in a home that perfectly suits the homeowners’ lifestyles and preferences

Our residential floor plans encompass various aspects of the home, including the layout of rooms, circulation areas, storage spaces, and architectural details

We pay close attention to the flow and connectivity between rooms, aiming for a smooth transition and intuitive navigation throughout the home

We are committed to ensuring that our customers’ flooring remains in optimal condition, preserving its attractiveness and functionality for years to come

Whether it’s a cozy bungalow or a spacious modern villa, our company is committed to delivering floor plans that reflect the homeowners’ dreams and aspirations while considering practicality and architectural integrity

We are dedicated to transforming homes with exceptional flooring solutions that enhance both aesthetics and functionality

OMNI Volleyball - BONA Supersport

High performance coating technology

Pro Coat® and BONA® by Old Growth Floors offers a revolutionary flooring experience with fast-curing, low-odor products. Their innovative solutions aim to minimize downtime for businesses and inconvenience for homeowners, providing a seamless transformation guided by a professional team.

Elevate your environment with custom-crafted hardwood flooring solutions

Exceptional craftsmanship, personalized service – your dream floors start here

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