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Maintaining your facility floors well but seeing wear? What’s next?

Recoating or Refinishing

Even with regular cleaning, dents and scratches are inevitable, especially in high-traffic areas

When regular maintenance is no longer sufficient to keep your hardwood floors looking pristine, you might consider recoating or refinishing.

Recoating and refinishing are distinct processes that produce different outcomes. Depending on your goals for your floors, you’ll choose one over the other—never both simultaneously. But which process is right for you? Let’s delve into the two methods to help you decide what’s best for your hardwood floors.

Understanding Recoating

Recoating refreshes hardwood floors by applying a new finish layer without removing the existing one. It’s quicker and cheaper than refinishing, suitable for floors with minor wear like dullness and light scratches. However, it’s not for deep scratches. Recoating maintains or restores floors and extends their lifespan, being part of regular maintenance, involving light sanding, then applying a new finish coat, and allowing drying for 24 hours. Some floors with special finishes or maintenance need refinishing instead of recoating.

Exploring Refinishing

Refinishing is a thorough process involving the removal of the top finish layer using heavy sanding machinery. It addresses various issues like uneven coloring, leveling, deep scratches, and finish changes. The process includes using a floor buffer to remove the top layer, sanding the wood to smooth out imperfections and discolorations, optionally staining, and applying three protective finish coats. Despite being time-consuming and costly, refinishing leaves floors looking virtually new for less expense.

Recoating vs. Refinishing: Understanding the Difference

In summary, recoating is a simpler, cost-effective method to maintain your existing floors, while refinishing is a more extensive and expensive process that essentially provides new hardwood floors. Depending on your floor’s condition and budget, you can choose between the two. However, it’s advisable to leave both to professionals who can handle repairs effectively, ensuring your floors last longer.

Final Thoughts

When deciding between recoating and refinishing for your hardwood floors, it’s crucial to enlist the expertise of professionals for the best outcomes. Their skill and knowledge guarantee thorough and effective repairs, which play a pivotal role in extending the lifespan of your flooring. By entrusting these tasks to specialists, you can rest assured that your floors will receive the care and attention they deserve. Here’s to the success of your rejuvenated floors and the enjoyment they’ll bring to your space.

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