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Home Gyms

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The growing popularity of in-home gyms is met by Old Growth’s premium indoor multi-sport flooring, tailored for these setups

With customizable designs and colors, Old Growth ensures your in-home gym aligns perfectly with your aesthetic preferences and functional requirements. Moreover, backed by a lifetime pro-rated warranty, our flooring provides a dependable foundation for pursuing your fitness endeavors with confidence and peace of mind in the comfort of your own home.

The Patriot

El Dorado Hills, California June 2021

We’re experts in aiding architects and end-users, helping them select the perfect flooring for indoor athletic facilities

Furthermore, our proficiency extends beyond mere product provision; we specialize in the integration of personalized flooring graphics and game lines, elevating not only the aesthetic appeal but also the functional efficiency of the athletic environment.

We’re committed to excellent service and provide a free assessment of current flooring. This evaluation guides our recommendations, covering repairs and wood floor sanding if needed. We also offer personalized advice on maintenance for lasting performance of your athletic flooring investment.

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